Belcom Bel 2000 with Aprion M.A.G.I.C. piezo printheads turns into the Scitex Vision CORjet.

In the beginning it was the Belcom Bel 2000. But it took us a while to track this printer down, since Belcom did not really get their job done. None was present (that I could see) at SGIA 2002 or Photokina 2002, but it's easy to miss a product. But at the next ISA, '03, we did not see the Belcom anything. It was not until 2004 that we got our first peek at the by then Scitex Vision CORjet, at their demo center outside Atlanta (as part of a trade show, Scitex Vision kindly arranged transportation). The printer itself is so large that it is understandable why they don't have one actually at every trade show.

More recently (late 2005) I inspected a new installation of a Scitex Vision CORjet outside Milan , Italy (again, as part of a trade show, Scitex Vision kindly arranged transportation).

Although the Scitex Vision CORjet is not a UV-cured inkjet printer, it is a flatbed, and its primary competition are both UV-curable inkjet printers: the FastJet from Sun Chemical Digital, and the Rhopac from Durst .

FLAAR covers every UV-flatbed printer make and model that is known from the US , Europe, China , Japan , Korea , and Taiwan on our sister site, . On the wide-format site we cover Leggett & Platt Virtu (formerly 3M Scotchprinter 2500 UV) Durst Rho 160 UV flatbed , Inca Eagle with Sericol UV inks , and Nur Tempo UV flatbed but are moving all new coverage of UV-curable inkjet flatbed printers to our sister-site, Large format printers.

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We do not have any PDF report on the CORjet, nor on the FastJet (because it is not yet finished; it is still in alpha-prototype stage), but do have an introductory FLAAR Report on the Durst Rhopac.


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