Melinex polyester film from DuPoint Tejin Films.

We first had an opportunity to learn more about Melinex at IPEX tradeshow. There we saw displays from Autotype, Ilford and other companies who list DuPont Teijin Films Melinex as an ingredient. Other companies use the same product but rebrand it so you can't know the origin.

Melinex polyester film can be used for floor graphics, POP, banners, and backlit displays. Melinex is also the base material for light-stopping backing film. This is needed to block the light in certain kinds of displays.

This page will be updated at least every two months as we gather additional information on all the various uses of Melinex polyester film for wide format inkjet printers.

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If you wish to learn more about inkjet media, FLAAR offers the following reports.
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All these FLAAR Reports by Nicholas Hellmuth will be available shortly on www.wide-format-printers.NET. This dot.NET site is new in the FLAAR network.

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Most recently updated Aug. 19, 2002.