Canon to offer GlobalColor RIP for proofing, photography, signs, and other graphic display wide format printing with Canon W2200, imagePROGRAF W7250, and imagePROGRAF W7200.

Global Graphics owns the two most respected names in RIPs, Harlequin and Jaws. Actually most other brands of RIP have Harlequin components inside, under license, unless they have full Adobe PostScript. So with GlobalColor RIP you are sort of getting the original from the original developer.

This GlobalGraphics color RIP is intended for the new Canon 13 x 19 inch W2200, 24” imagePROGRAF W7250, and 36” imagePROGRAF W7200.

A feature of the GlobalColor RIP solution is its Jaws PDF workflow and color management. The FLAAR staff will be interested in testing the Harlequin Dispersed Screening (HDS) and Error Diffusion Screening (EDS) and Harlequin ICC Profile Processing (HIPP). This is the sort of great software that professors like to get their hands on to evaluate.

GlobalGraphics targets ad agencies, design firms, photo labs, corporate in-house design departments. But they go further than Canon itself and add professional display printers POP, signs, billboards, banners, and photographic reproductions. All of these are precisely the markets and applications of the quarter of a million readers of this FLAAR website every year.

FLAAR does not yet have either a Canon printer nor any Global Graphics products, but we felt that the over 240,000 readers of our web site ought to know about the new products.

We do not yet know any Canon dealer nor any Global Graphics dealer either, but as we get further into the new year we will find a reliable place who can provide tech support. This RIP will be an OEM product which means you get tech support from the printer company’s reseller.

In Europe Canon selected a user-friendly and super-fast RIP from PosterJet. For this RIP we do know the people who handle it, both in Germany and in the USA (Scarab Graphics) Here you can get info, help, tips, and answers to your queries on PosterJet, which also works with Hewlett-Packard DesignJet printers.

Epson and Encad dealers are sold everywhere, even over the Internet. However the downside is that most of the sellers don’t have adequate experience themselves, so they can’t really explain what to do when you have a problem. Canon does not let just anyone sell its printers.

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Additional updates from January 2003 onward are also being put into PDF format and are on www.wide-format-printers.NET.


Most recently updated Jan 3, 2003.