Software for DVD-Ram Performance.

DVD-RAM is the first of the DVD systems to have a burner that is affordable (other DVD burners cost over $4,500; a Panasonic DVD-RAM recorder costs only about $700). DVD-RAM holds 5.2 GB, 2.6 GB per side. Software is available for Mac or PC from Software Architects.

Panasonic DVD-RAM player, DVD-RAM TuneUp, Write DVD, Software Architects.
The DVD player looks like a CD-Player, indeed it can read CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, and video CD disks.

It can write to DVD-RAM and PD Disks. What is a PD disk? This unit can also read DVD-ROM, DVD-video, and DVD-R.DVD players (the kind for watching movies), however, cannot read a DVD-RAM disk because a DVD-RAM disk is permanently inside a cartridge. This SCSI-2 device works on both a Mac and a PC.The operating software comes from Software Architects who also made the drivers for the phase change PD Phasewriter system of Toray and Panasonic (1995-1997).


Most recently updated August 02, 2001.