Vivid Image scanning to print system.

Several scan-to-print solutions have appeared. Which is the best? Vivid Image Technology appears to be the winner so far.

At trade shows such as Seybold San Francisco '99 it is easy to go shopping. What are the most cost-effective RIPs for wide format printing. The first scan-to-print system that I read about in the trade magazines was from Lunina. Since then I have seen a variety of other systems advertised. But to keep the cost low they bundle a cheap scanner. Vivid Image offers much more can select which scanner you prefer. You can also chose which wide format printer.

At present the VividImage has their software already working on an Epson, Hewlett-Packard, a Microtek and other scanners. Vivid Image is working on Wideformat (sheet fed, roll fed) scanners as well, such as Colortrac, Contex, and Vidar.

Sergio Alves gave me a demo of the Vivid Image system. With my background in professional photography it is embarrassing to see a digital system taking an average everyday snapshot and enlarging it to several feet wide by several feet high. If you have professional images to start with, the results will be even more spectacular.

The great thing about scan-to-print systems is that they eliminate having to use Photoshop or any other photo correction software whatsoever. This saves hours of time. Actually it has been demonstrated that a good scan is the best image to print. If you take a sloppy scan and attempt to rescue it in Photoshop, the end results may be awful.

VividImage is ideal for anywhere that people need to use a scanner and printer yet have no training in scanner software, no training in Photoshop, nor any experience with a wide format printer. For art schools this would be great for students. Kinkos could make a fortune if they installed VividImage equipment in every Kinkos shop across the USA.

Imagine, you could take snapshots of your girlfriend or boyfriend and enlarge them to poster size yourself. Great presents. You can blow up baby pictures, make super-size family albums. Imagine how you could show off your vacation snapshots. The resulting wide format prints are good enough to be exhibited. What a great way to get prints to frame and hang on the wall.

Most recently updated August 02, 2001.