Complete list of all HP Designjet water-based printers

Hewlett-Packard Designjet, so early not much record of model number of this inkjet plotter

  • HP Designjet 200
  • HP Designjet 250c
  • HP Designjet 350C

  • HP Designjet 650C

  • HP Designjet 750C

  • HP Designjet 755CM
  • HP Designjet 2000cp
  • HP Designjet 2500cp
  • HP Designjet 2800cp
  • HP Designjet 3000cp
  • HP Designjet 3500cp
  • HP Designjet 3800cp
  • HP Designjet 1050c, mainly for CAD and GIS
  • HP Designjet 1055CM, mainly for CAD and GIS (view image)
  • HP Designjet 5000, general purpose, photos, giclee even
  • HP Designjet 5500, almost same as model 5000; used by photo labs, giclee ateliers (view image)
  • HP Designjet 10ps, desktop
  • HP Designjet 20ps , desktop
  • HP Designjet 500, not very sophisticated (view image)
  • HP Designjet 800
  • HP Designjet cc800ps
  • HP Designjet 5500 (this is the best printer of its time; a real workhorse. We know, since we had one and used it for years).
  • HP Designjet 5100, I see this in Chinese printer expos for low-price market
  • HP Designjet 4000, CAD and GIS (view image)
  • HP Designjet 4500, CAD and GIS
  • HP Designjet 30, desktop
  • HP Designjet 50PS, desktop
  • HP Designjet 120, desktop 

  • HP Designjet 130, desktop
  • HP Designjet z2100, 24 inches or 44
inches each have same name
  • HP Designjet z3100, 24 inches or 44
inches, both have same name.
  • HP Designjet z3200, 24 inches or 44
inches (we have this printer still today)
  • HP Designjet z6100
  • HP Designjet z6200, slight update of earlier model
  • HP Designjet T610, CAD and GIS
  • HP Designjet T1100, CAD and GIS

The ink we know the best (for HP Designjet 5000 and 5500 and related models) is made in Singapore by Sam Ink.

INKJET SYSTEMS Private Limited

16, Kallang Place #04-22
Singapore 339156.

Tel: +65 6333-3302. Fax: +65 6341-7632

Sam Ink also makes ink for mild-solvent (lite-solvent) HP Designjet printers

These are rebranded by HP from ColorPainter of Seiko II:

  • HP Designjet 8000s
  • HP Designjet 9000s
  • HP Designjet 10000s
(back to list) HP DesignJet 500, used printer with water-based ink HP DesignJet 500

(back to list)HP DesignJet 510, roll-to-roll water-based ink printer HP DesignJet 510

(back to list) HP DesignJet 4000, used printer images by FLAAR HP DesignJet 1055

(back to list)HP DesignJet 4000, water-based roll-to-roll printer from HP. FLAAR list of used printers HP DesignJet 4000

HP DesignJet 5500 in demo room, water-based printer used and reviewed by FLAAR (back to list)
HP DesignJet 5500 printing. Used water-based printers HP DesignJet 5500

First posted Feb 2013


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