Seiko Teriostar LED Wide Format Printers

Seiko Infotech introduces their 6th generation LED wide format printers; the Teriostar LP-1020 series. These monochrome printers come in two models: a network printer model, the LP-1020/LP-1020L and a multi-function (MF) scanner/copier/printer model, the LP-1020MF/LP-1020L-MF.

The LP-1020S MF-1R is a multi-function scanner/copier/printer model with one roll support, with monochrome scanner. The LP-1020L MF-2R, is a multi-function scanner/copier/printer model with two roll support; this model offers a color scanner as an option. The color scanner is offering multiple possibilities to drive the monochrome printer and a color Inkjet printer.

The Teriostar LP-1020 Series has true resolutions of 600 dpi and speeds of 3.4 A0-size prints per minutes.  You can choose between two different paper sizes (2 roll drawers are included), or let the Teriostar choose the appropriate paper automatically.  Long prints up to 33 feet (10m) support applications such as automotive, shipbuilding, civil engineering, bridge building, military and energy/industrial site.

Recently FLAAR has the opportunity of been present during the training and installation of a Teriostar LP-1020MF at Plot Point´s in Guatemala.
We would like to thank Seiko I Infotech for showing us the details of the new multifunctional option and Kenneth Snew for answering specific questions about details. It is important to hear the manufacturer’s point of view in addition to the comments of end-users who face this printer’s pros and cons on a daily basis.

We would also like to thank Gustavo Chacón General Manager of Plot Point´s, for his help and hospitality, during the training session at their headquarters in Guatemala; and for making the time and receiving us at his printing company so we could inspect the Seiko Teriostar LP1020MF toner-based printer. Plot Points is a distributor of PrintLat for Teriostar in Guatemala,



Imaging Method EP LED
Output Resolution 600 dpi
Continuous Output Speed 3.4 E, 6.2 D prints per min.
Warm-up Time 8 minutes (startup) / 0 minutes (standby)
Paper Feed 2 rolls, automatic feed & cut
Paper Ejection Front
Maximum Output Width 36 Inches
Maximum Output Length 33 Feet
Margin Sizes 1/8” (R,L), 1/5” (F), 1/2” (R)
Maximum Output Area 36 Inches x 33 Feet


Scanning Speed 2.36 Inches per second
Scanning Resolution 600 dpi
Max. Scanning Width Max. 36”, Min. 8.25”
Max. Scanning Length 33 Feet
Interface Ethernet






First posted October 6, 2011.