Fleet graphics, vehicle wrap, for buses, trucks, even cars.

Whether covering the side of a bus or the side of an entire building you can cover virtually anything with output from a large format printer.

If you need to laminate your output Seal and GBC are the larger companies; Ledco and USI are the smaller companies. We have inspected the USI equipment at several trade shows. The USI equipment looks easier to operate if you are just starting in all of this. Furthermore, USI sells everything you need from A to Z. contact Dennis, e-mail [email protected]

If you need to wrap a bus it helps if the unfortunate passenger can see out the windows at least enough to tell when its time to get off the bus. For information on perforated window graphics film contact Clear Focus Imaging, Tel 800 377-7990. Otherwise 3M and Avery are the big names in media for vehicle wrap. Rexam, however, has such a wide range of media you may find that Rexam has what you need as well.

We have prepared a preliminary report on information needed for doing vehicle wrap (such as where to get the special media). Check the following list. We recently visited a large printing company in Canada that specializes in doing vehicle wrap so have updated our report. Since these reports are several pages long, they won't fit on a standard Internet page. Thus we send them out as an e-mail so you can get the whole thing at once and print it out in the comfort of your own office or home.


Most recently updated July 13, 2001.