Review on Scitex EverSmart Scanners.

How to insure that your wide format print will be museum-exhibit quality?

First, start with a good image, not only a winning subject, but a picture taken with a professional camera or scanned on a professional scanner. Our first experience with high-end scanners was the Fuji Lanovia C-550; then we began testing the Scitex EverSmart ProII flatbed scanner. We selected this particular scanner as a result of checking out all the high-end scanners at Seybold '99 and GraphExpo '99 trade shows. We found the Scitex EverSmart scanners to offer the widest range of options.

Scitex now makes a complete line of professional quality tabloid-sized flatbed scanners, the EverSmart Jazz, the EverSmart Jazz+, the EverSmart Pro II, and the EverSmart Supreme.

The entire range of Creo (Creo-Scitex) scanners is available from Parrot Digigraphic. The Creo Eversmart flatbed scanner range includes the Jazz, Jazz+, Pro II, Select, and Supreme.

We recommend the people at Parrot because they have years of experience with Scitex scanner equipment. Even with the brand name change from Scitex to Creo-Scitex to Creo, the Eversmart scanners are the same (now with better software).

Scitex EverSmart flatbed scanners are also sold by Ilford Imaging.

Scitex Scanners

The Scitex EverSmart is one of the few flatbed scanners that is powerful enough to scan 35mm slides. Most other flatbed scanners do not have enough true optical dpi to handle something as tiny as a 35mm slide. This EverSmart (the Supreme) offers 5000 true optical dpi.

Naturally Scitex scanners do wonders for 6x6 cm transparencies. And if you have 4x5 chromes then you can create billboard-sized images.

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Most recently updated August 01, 2001.