Wide Format Printing with no lamination.

How can you print outdoor signs that withstand rain and sun with no lamination? There are several options, one is buy the Arizona piezo-electric inkjet printer using 3M inks which prints directly on 3M vinyl films. This means there is no transfer needed; you print right on the vinyl. If you use the appropriate inks and media from 3M they provide a three year outdoor warranty (two years if you are out in the desert).

No matter what printer you use, and whose inks, if you intend to do commercial production of prints for outdoor use eventually you will utilize 3M media, inks, or lamination material.

Since most print shops don't have the capital to buy an expensive solvent ink printer, what options do are available? All this year FLAAR will be checking out all the printers for signs. This evaluation will continue the entire year. Reports on results from last year's scrutiny of printers at all the trade shows are available in the FLAAR reports listed below.

Answers to your sign printer questions
Nicholas Hellmuth's thematic reports on large format printers now available
reviews of large format printers most appropriate for signs, posters, banners including POP, for outdoor use: electrostativ and solvent ink
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media and inks for signs, posters, banners (for all inkjet printers, piezo as well as thermal inkjets)
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Although we can't save you from negligence, lack of common sense and failure to read the instruction book, we can at least prepare you for the reality of digital imaging. We want to help you enjoy this experience and save you from the typical common mistakes of first time buyers.

Some of the ads are so misleading that even pros are lured to buy these printers. So no matter what your experience level, you will find these reports informative. They are written in a humorous style: how else can you review misleading advertisements?

All reports are appropriate for beginners, intermediate, as well as graphics professional level


Most recently updated August 02, 2001.