Gradco Mammoth Inkjet Printer.

Imagine if you could print on literally any object you could fit through the printer? Boards, table tops, doors. Even glass.

Gradco has an innovative printer. You coat the object with an inkjet receptor coating. Then you can print on the coated objects.

In addition to its obvious industrial potential, such a printer would be neat for art departments. Imagine all the fun things that art students could put through such a machine!

Other companies have worked hard to produce giant machines which can handle posterboard, gatorboard, or other thick material. Some of these printers cost up to half a million dollars. But the Gradco is reasonably priced (definitely not half a million dollars).

We can't provide any documentation and definitely not a recommendation until we see the printer in action ourselves. So we are working at doing a demo.

Most recently updated August 02, 2002.