Great new inks also help printshops cope with the competition from increased use of LCD and LED for advertising panels. Even in Guatemala these are being installed at billboard size. Several huge electronic billboards were installed this year (2012) and several were already present two years ago.

Sepiax AquaRes ink was a wonderful concept when it was introduced. The downside was the need for a printer to handle it had to be designed from the ground up to provide even heating. Plus PVC viny was not an ideal material for drying. So Sepiax is best for other specific applications.

For the new Mimaki JV400-130LX, Mimaki JV400-160LX latex ink printers, one would assume they can also handle vinyl, and hence compete more directly with HP latex ink printers such as the HP Designjet L26500.

Now that the Mimaki JV400-130LX, Mimaki JV400-160LX latex ink printers are out, we still hope that a new formula for Sepiax AquaRes ink can be successful for appropriate applications.