Introduction to InkTec SubliNova Pro dye-sublimation inks

During the last several years I have noticed the InkTec booth at sign trade shows around the world. Plus I am familiar with the relationship between InkTec (as parent company) and their UV-cured printer manufacturing division, JETRIX.

During summer this year it was possible to spend several days visiting the JETRIX headquarters and the InkTec headquarters; both outside Seoul, Korea. As a result of the day after day inspection we will be issuing reports on each aspect.

Our first report is on the CMYK dye-sublimation inks of InkTec. Because we are issuing this as a PDF, there is no need to repeat the information here on the web page. It is best if you click and download the free report (which should be ready within the next week).

Here are a few snapshots of visiting the factory.

InkTec dye-sub samples

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth in a customer visit to evaluate the dye-sublimation ink. He's cover with the fabric printed with Sublinova dye-sublimation ink.


Inktec dye-sublimation proces


Inktec dye-sublimation proces


Inktec dy-sublimation proces


Inktec dy-sublimation proces


The SubliNova Pro dye-sublimation inks of InkTec work direct or via calender

You can print direct-to-fabric (and sublimate in the base unit of the printer), or you can print onto transfer paper and sublimate in a separate calendering machine. This is the new trend in sublimation ink chemistry.

Inktec sublinova ink booth

APPPEXPO 2011 was launching of sublinova. The entire booth was dedicated to promoting this new and innovative product.


InkTeck sublinova ink
Here, the two versions of Sublinova dye-sublimation ink. Bottle and cartridge.


Inktec T&G ink samples

These are some of the different applications for this ink. When i hear about dye-sublimation regularly i think on fabric but also has some other applications.


Customer Visit, of a company printing professional decorative clothing

We drove for several hours from Seoul to visit a printshop that had many Roland printers using InkTec dye sublimation ink onto transfer paper. The output quality was gorgeous. We show more of this in the PDF.


Inktec Roland Soljet Pro III XC-640 textile

Printing on transfer paper should have mirror effect because when the paper pass through the process of pressing and heating goes as it should be.



Most recently updated August 2, 2011.

First posted July 29, 2011