The eyeball test documents the quality which the current generation of large format inkjet printers can produce.

The capabilities of wide format color printers is increasing with each new model. Is this picture colorful enough? This is from the Encad NovaJetPro large format inkjet printer. We used to do exhibits with Cibachrome, now we can print exhibit quality prints in our own office with a wide format ink jet printer.

This large format inkjet print shows the waterlily, sacred flower of the Classic Maya of Guatemala. Actually this is from a 35mm color slide, scanned with a Nikon 35mm slide scanner. It enlarges nicely to about 24 inches. With a good scanner it should be possible to enlarge a 35mm image to about one meter by one meter (about 42 x 36 inches).

sample from an Encad wide format inkjet color printer of water lilies in Guatemala.

Photo by Nicholas Hellmuth, Leica R5, 100 mm macro lens, Peten, Guatemala.

Encad NovaJetPro wide format inkjet printer with EFI Fiery PostScript RIP server. This was a great printer in the 1990's, but is sort of obsolete today. We have found the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet printers to be easier to use and higher quality.

The iconography of the sacred water lily flower and plant is described in Ph.D. dissertation, "Monsters and Men in Maya Art," 1987, ADEVA, Graz, Austria and FLAAR, St Louis.


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