Tips, help, and answers to your questions via PDF reports, what large format inkjet printer is best for specific needs, banners, signs, posters, fine art giclee prints, CAD, GIS, maps, printing on textiles, longevity, outside, inside, lenticular?

FAQs on wide format printers.

"I have been told that some wide format printers dry out and clog if you don't use them every day? How can I avoid those printers and select a better printer that won't clog?""The glossy ads claim 100 years or 200 years of longevity without fading? Does this claim include hanging the prints in a sunny living room or only in a darkened museum?""The ads tell me the output from this wide format printer will be as good as a photographic print from a darkroom? Is this really true, I mean would a professional photographer who has printed Cibachromes all his life accept the new inkjet prints?""I realize that most inkjet print images are washed away by water, so is there really a kind of paper that you can put outside in the rain and the image stays fixed?""I am so confused? Help me with comparative information about the more popular large format printers!""Which RIP should I use to get the best quality out of my large format printer?""What inks are recommended for longevity so my colors will stay bright?"

Signs, especially signs for outdoor use.

"How can I make a sign last outdoors without any lamination? Yes, there are several ways to do this. All the answers to all the FAQs on this page are contained in the 20 different FLAAR reports, available at no cost via [email protected].

Printing on textiles.

Which printers can print on textiles? Which textiles? Silk, Cotton, Polyester? What about dye sublimation for heat transfer?

Printing on metal (yes, with your inkjet printer!)

What large format printers can print on actual metal? What large format printers can print on metal foil?

Printing fine art and limited editions of photographs.

Which printers are best to do fine art giclee prints?Which large format printers can achieve photo-realistic museum-quality enlargements of photographs to poster size?

Printing maps (GIS), architectural or engineering drawings (CAD) and graphic design such as 3-D renderings.

What printers are best for doing maps and drawings?What printer models are good for doing maps, drawings, 3D renderings but also photo-realistic posters and signs?

Tetanol media for wide format color inkjet printers, DRUPA trade show


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