BetterLight 4x5 Pano/WideView digital scanning panorama camera for seamless panorama photographs.

How are professional panorama photographs made? With what equipment? FLAAR has a unique digital system in large format which takes seamless panoramas up to a full 360 degrees. The Pano/WideView is deal for QTVR because no stitching of poorly overlapping snapshots is required. The panorama photographs are instant because this is digital technology.

 If you want to fill a wide format print on a Durst Lamda, Cymbolic Sciences Light Jet, or Iris GPrint giclee fine art printer, then you ought to start with the 4x5 large format quality available from a BetterLight camera. We started with an Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 2800 CP to print our panorama and rollout photographs (since we don't have $100,000+ for the other large format printers; the HP printer is something you can buy without having to mortgage your home or sell off your children and/or spouse). Now we use an HP 5500 and an HP 130 to print the panos. The HP 130 is a great improvement over previous HP printers for fine art photography.

This panorama system was developed by Michael Collette. He is the inventor of what was sold as the Dicomed Field Pro many years ago.

 Subsequently Collette developed a newer more powerful model, the Better Light (no longer affiliated with Dicomed). Panorama capability will be available shortly--the studio version of the Better Light is already available, and has recently been updated to work on USB 2. Our earlier version works only with a SCSI connection.

FLAAR was a beta tester for the Dicomed version of the Better Light. Previously we took all this equipment for six months on location in Guatemala and Honduras. We then have continued for the next six years, constantly seeing how far we can push the BetterLight Super 6K with Pano/WideView option. It just keeps on working. This same camera also does rollout photography.

Betterlight Camera f

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