10/100Base-T Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet suppliers.

10/100Base-T Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet cards and hubs, where to buy them? Major brands are 3Com, Asante, Cabletron Systems, Cisco Systems, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks, and Xylan, among others. Lastar Datacomm Solutions is one of several sources for most of these. Asante is a good brand because they are readily available both in Europe and in the USA.

Black Box This is the company I know best because this is where F.L.A.A.R. has bought this class of networking and cabling equipment.
blackbox.com toll free 877 877-2269
Data Comm Warehouse same company as MacWarehouse and PC Warehouse; sells 3Com, Netgear, Linksys, Intel,, KVM, 3M, Allied Telesyn, SMC, Addtron, Asante, Cisco Systems, and other brands.
Lastar Datacomm Solutions The catalog appears aimed towards networking entire buildings but their catalog has helpful glossary and even more useful diagrams of connectors (SCSI and everything). Their catalog is worth ordering for the glossary and drawings alone. Sells Cabeltron, 3 Com, Cisco Systems, Umax, Allied Telesyn, and others.
PMI Computer Supplies PMI is reliable, capable, and has been in business long enough in the past to stay in business well into the next millennium.
1 (800) 798 8229

1 (314) 994-3050

If you would like your company listed here, just send us sample networking products and in exchange we will be glad to list your company.

The particular 10/100Base Fast Ethernet card that we happened to end up with is from CNet, tel (408) 934-0800. Farallon is a brand of dual-speed minihub also available in Europe, the Fast Starlet Palm Switch 10/100. Farallon also makes a Gigabit Ethernet card.

Be sure to have fiber cabling; Gigabit Ethernet requires fiber cables (for the moment at least, until standards for Category 5 copper wires are settled). Since newer Macintosh computers are moving up to Gigabit Ethernet Asante has already begun to offer Gigabit Ethernet hubs for the Macintosh.

Reports indicate that a multiple-processor CUP is needed to drive a Gigabit Ethernet system (Information Week, May 10, 1999, p. 22SS) so it is interesting as to how Macintosh will overcome this reported situation. Since Asante is already producing Gigabit equipment for the new Macs, the report may be in error.

Introduction to 100Base-T Ethernet.


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