Spectrum large format printer from Alpha Merics.

A little known company named Alpha Merics mades an even less well known large format printer, the Spectrum. Normally we review primarily the printers that our 14,000 readers-per-month ask us about, but FLAAR is itself curious. Sooner or later we will get into contact with someone who has this printer or will even drop in and visit the manufacturer's headquarters. We visited Vutek, Hewlett-Packard (hardship job, their headquarters is in Barcelona, Spain). We are preparing to visit ColorSpan and hope to drop in to visit other large format printer companies. In the meantime, we attend all the principal international trade shows.

As soon as we get some information from Alpha Merics and get feedback from people who own this printer, we will report our findings on this page. In the meantime, you can get all our other information via our handy reports (listed below).

Every month we add another printer to our inventory of reviews. Trouble is that some printers are difficult to find out about.


Most recently updated July 06, 2002.