A unique digital panorama camera that fills wide-format enlargements printed on Rexam Graphics inkjet media.

Since a wide format printer can produce prints of 10, 20, 30 feet long, how can any camera fill this long format? There is one camera that can produce two kinds of photograph that are ideal for the long axis of wide format printers. This remarkable camera produces seamless 360 degree panorama photos and can also peel off the entire circumferencial image of any round object (turntable rollout photograph). Rexam Graphics makes exhibit quality photo inkjet media (gloss, semi-gloss, or matte).

panorama photograph of Missouri Ozarks taken with Better Light Dicomed Field Pro 4x5 inch panorama camera system.

Due to the size of the original images it is difficult to present them on the Internet. Thus I reduced this panorama picture considerably. This is a snapshot with a Nikon CoolPix 950 of a 36 inch wide-format HP 3500 CP print out on Rexam Graphics banner media laminated with a GBC Eagle laminator.

Similar panorama photographs taken on the same part of the Missouri Ozarks are on another page.

I could have printed this file 36 inchs high by a dozen feet long, but that would have taken a while to RIP and then to print. The Better Light large format scan back system is technically capable of producing a single panorama of over 1 GB in size but I usually keep my panoramas about 360 to 410 MB in size or smaller. Adobe Photoshop usually croaks on a file over 320 MB though I have opened some up to 410 MB.

The file was reduced down to 180 dpi for the HP printer (600 dpi rating). Other people who used this same printer said that a file size of 120 dpi was actually plenty of data; 150 dpi is the maximum you need.

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Most recently updated July 06, 2001.