Enlarge photographs with wide-format-printers.

To assist archaeologists and art historians study Classic Maya art it is helps to have the ancient paintings printed large enough so scholars can see the details. Thus wide format printer technology can contribute to advances in academic research. Mayan vase rollouts are being prepared for books on Maya art and iconography, here a Codex Style vase from Peten, Guatemala.

A wide format printer is the ideal means to print the long proportions of a rollout of a Maya vase.

This is actually a mini-enlargement, since the Better Light camera gives enough dpi to generate a considerably longer image. The full-size wide format printer enlargements are too big to reproduce on the Internet!

large format ink jet print of Codex Style vase rollout photograph, copyright FLAAR.
Rollout of a Codex Style vase, Late Classic, Peten, circa AD 680-750, private museum, Guatemala. Other rollouts are pictured elsewhere on this site and elsewhere. Direct digital rollout, Better Light turntable mode, Ries tripod, Wisner 4x5 camera, Apple Computer, Lowel lights, Videssence lights, Smith Victor light stands, all equipment donated by their respective manufacturers. Copyright FLAAR Photo Archive, Maya-archaeology.org.

Media provided courtesy of Rexam Graphics. Printer provided courtesy of Encad; EFI Fiery hardware PostScript RIP provided courtesy of Electronics for Imaging. Newer printer provided courtesy of HP.


Most recently updated August 02, 2001.