Sericol Imaging Inca Columbia and Columbia Turbo replace Eagle 44 UV curable ink flatbed digital press for screen printers and sign shops .

Sericol Inca Eaglo 44 UV
Sericol Inca flatbed printer at ISA tradeshow.

The Sericol Imaging Inca Eagle 44 UV curable ink flatbed digital press for thick and rigid substrates actually functions, which for UV curable inkjet flatbeds is a good start. In the beginning several of the competing machines were not actually fully functioning. Two UV printers shown at FESPA failed to function by the end of 2005: Zund 250 and the PIT UV flatbed. 

Two years ago the impressive NUR Tempo, for example, was functioning but not yet in beta stage. Today the NUR Tempo is finished and ready to print. Other brands supposedly were out of official beta stage but people who had an early Zund 215 in 2003 complained of months of problems. The various mainland Chinese and Korean UV-curable inkjet printers were stuck in beta stage still into 2005. For example, read the section on the Flora 2214 UV curable inkjet printer in the FLAAR report on Graphics of the Americas 2004 trade show and our more recent year 2005 trade show reports.  

But Inca is a substantial company with strong and capable allies, such as Sericol ink company. So you get the benefits of two separate resources: Inca and Sericol. Some other printer companies hide the identity of their ink partners. So it was refreshing to see the Durst Rho 205 exhibited in the (Sunjet) Coates ink booth at SGIA 2004 trade show. If you are paying big bucks for a printing machine, you should have the right to know, in advance, where the ink comes from. 

So if you are about to plunk down lots of money to a manufacturer as a down payment, you might wish to pick up the telephone and consult with FLAAR first. However first please read the page on consulting

Then second, be sure to order the pertinent FLAAR Reports on UV-curable ink flatbeds. We now have five series on UV flatbed printers. We cover the Inca Sericol printers in several different reports in each series. 

Or download the free Previews or the complete Catalog of FLAAR Reports, a free auto-download in PDF format. 

Starting in 2005 and continuing into 2006 we are moving all FLAAR coverage of UV-curable and solvent inkjet printers to our sister site, The present wide-format site will concentrate on water-based printers from Canon, ColorSpan, Encad, Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, and other aqueous-based printers. 

So if you wish to learn more about the newer Inca Columbia or Inca Spyder 320 printers, take a look at our other site,  

If you seek full coverage of all 50 known UV-curable inkjet printers from over 30 manufacturers, all this is also available in full-color PDF reports on Wide-format-printers.NET

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