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Sacred drinks and foodSacred drinks and foodMurcielagos en el arte mayaMurcielagos en el arte mayaMayan_archaeology_PhaseOne_medium-format_museum_digital_photography_sculpture_art_studio_lighting.pdfMayan_archaeology_PhaseOne_medium-format_museum_digital_photography_sculpture_art_studio_lighting.pdf
Ceiba reportCeiba reportCacao_Trip_June_08Cacao_Trip_June_08Plants_utilized_by_the_mayanPlants_utilized_by_the_mayan
Sacred Maya Flower Nymphaea ampla SalisbSacred Maya Flower Nymphaea ampla SalisbEtnobotany_field_trip_to_ChocolaEtnobotany_field_trip_to_ChocolaProssessing_incenseProssessing_incense
Bats in maya artBats in maya artThe Mysterius treeThe Mysterius treeMaya_Ethno-botany_MucbilhaMaya_Ethno-botany_Mucbilha
Caves in mesoamerica cultureCaves in mesoamerica cultureGuatemalan basketry fibers copan baja verapaz etnohistoryGuatemalan basketry fibers copan baja verapaz etnohistory

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