Shil Inkjet Media the Comparisons.

Nicholas Hellmuth's suggested selections of Sihl inkjet media for Encad, HP, Roland, and other wide format printers. With scores of different surfaces, you have to be sure to read through the catalog to match media for the job at hand.

In other words, don't go into a print shop and merely ask for "a wide format print." Explain what you intend the print to be used for. Go onto the FLAAR reports on media and printout lists of media types.

Some images look better on glossy, others look better on matte. I like semi-gloss, to eliminate the shine and reflection of full gloss. Nonetheless, in some circumstances, a full-gloss surface really makes a colorful impression.

The list below is typical of the range of media that we will be testing shortly.

  • PSB, adhesive backed presentation paper, water resistant, permanent adhesion (for prints that are to be mounted).
  • PBM, photobase matte, high contrast colors, higher UV stability.
  • PBS, universal photobase satin, opaque, semi-matte finish, true colors, higher UV. stability than other media.
  • USP, universal photobase satin, opaque, photographic media, semi-gloss.
  • PRT, waterproof with pigmented inks, synthetic paper.
  • PCF, white presentation glossy, brilliant colors, for dye or pigmented inks, indoor use.
  • PMW, proof matte film, waterproof with pigmented inks; photo quality.
  • ABG, glossy inkjet vinyl, indoor, removable acrylic based adhesive, glossy, best for dye-based inks.
  • ABV, adhesive backed vinyl; semi-permanent adhesive
  • USV Univesal Satin Vinyl, opaque, white, self-adhesive.
  • DWT Sihl DuPont Waterproof Tyvek, water resistant with dye-based inks; waterproof with pigmented inks, sewable.

For additional information and for help making your decision, go to our new website, where you can get all the FLAAR reports on ink jet media and more.


Most recently updated August 02, 2001