Adobe Indesign Practical Layout Software.

How can you do the layout of a banner, poster, or sign which is over 48 inches? PageMaker and QuarkXpress cannot handle a banner 50 inches wide, yet wide format printers can print 50, 60 or more inches wide. A wide format printer can print 40 or 50 feet long, however long your system hardware and software allow (the paper in a wide format printer is usually a roll 100 feet long).

Adobe InDesign software review

Of course you can enlarge a PageMaker or QuarkXpress file, and other solutions can be found, but the most practical solution is to buy Adobe InDesign. This software can handle a banner up to 18 feet long.

Digital Media Inc makes training CDs for Adobe InDesign,, tel (800) 355-6429. We are tracking down training seminars and conferences as well. This site offers more information every two months, so come back and visit again.

We start off suggesting one book and by next week we should have reviews of pertinent after-market training manuals for Adobe InDesign. We also offer recommendations on which magazines are the best for picking up helpful tips.



Most recently updated July 06, 2001.