FLAAR will use transparent film to create stained-glass window effect in their glass-fronted headquarters.

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Here is were FLAAR use to be at Bowling Green State University. To enlarge and see details click here. There are about 20 employees in the digital photography, scanner, and wide format printing evaluation and market survey programs, but a dozen at at the other university. The other employees are in the remaining several thousand square feet behind where this picture was taken.

We intend to decorate all three levels of glass (about 8 meters high or roughly 25 feet total height) with photographs to be taken in Guatemala of indigenous textiles alternating with portraits of the native Maya peoples. During the day lighting will come from outside. During the night lighting will be projected from inside so everyone on campus can see the fabulous display.

Sponsors have already provided the wide format inkjet printers for this project. We are now starting to line up sponsorship for the photography. Nicholas Hellmuth's photos have been published by Hasselblad Magazine, by National Geographic, and by the leading coffee table art book publishers of Japan and Austria.


Most recently updated May 20, 2003.