FLAAR's independent survey rates the Gretag Imaging RasterGraphics Arizona Digital Screen Press as the best quality solvent ink printer available on the market today.

At every trade show for the past two years, the top quality of any solvent ink printer is consistently the RasterGraphics Arizona Digital Screen Press. The quality of this Arizona printer is light years ahead of the Mutoh Albatros (Mutoh Tomahawk).

If you wish to use a solvent ink printer in Europe, you had better get one like the nice Gretag Arizona Digital Screen Press that is completely enclosed.

Solvent ink printers have been banned under new European laws from trade show exhibit. No more solvent ink printers unless they have an exhaust or purification system. Thus the Mutoh had to install a rather costly system in order to be allowed to exhibit their solvent ink printer at CeBIT trade show. Indeed this ban was one of several reasons why Encad decided to cancel its development project for a solvent ink printer. Instead Encad is now looking at the potential of a UV curable ink printer.

The Gretag RasterGraphics Arizona printer meets all European specifications. This is because the Arizona is enclosed. Thus the exhaust takes care of everything. With other printers you attempt to put a hood over the printer and try to catch as much of the chemical as possible. Of course the printer itself is wide open so all the solvents invade every corner of your building. It's sort of like the old coal mine situation and other 19th century factory arrangements.

The Gretag Arizona Digital Screen Press is an ideal solvent ink printer for anyone who is sensitive to the environment and especially for a situation where you don't want to potentially poison your office workers with aggressive solvent fumes.

The Gretag RasterGraphics Arizona printer is the only printer of its class that seems to be able to print without ugly horizontal banding defects. Yes, probably if you never clean it, probably will get banding, but the prints at CeBIT trade show in Germany (March 2001), no banding whatsoever.


Most recently updated August 02, 2001.