Panasonic 5.2 GB DVD-RAM.

Considering how many futuristic mega-Gigabit storage systems never got past being vaporware, it is nice to know that DVD-RAM is here today and will still be an international standard tomorrow. DVD-RAM storage devices are readily available from a variety of vendors. DVD-RAM is a good peripheral to consider when you upgrade your computer system.

Panasonic DVD-RAM, Maxell DVD-RAM52F rewritable disks, 5.2 GB.Every time you read about some new high-end storage system you want to wait and get that.

But in the meantime, today and tomorrow, the digital files accumulate and overfill all available storage systems.

The reason DVD-RAM is trustworthy is because it is based on the PD dual phase change system of 'Toray' and Panasonic. The PD Phasewriter dual system was already popular but DVD-RAM ups the capabilities from 650 MB of the PD version to 5.2 GB in the DVD-RAM version shipping now.

Panasonic has been shipping DVD-RAM writer/readers since earlier this year. Now all kinds of other companies repackage the OEM DVD-RAM. But we prefer Panasonic because they were part of the original PD technology which is the foundation of the new DVD-RAM.

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Ask for Robert Groover; he is the capable sales manager who has provided information to the Digital Imaging Technology Center.


Most recently updated August 02, 2001.