Applications and uses of your large format printer.

What can you really do with the new generation of large format inkjet printers? Informative list of all the applications of today's large format color inkjet printers. They come in widths of 24 inches up to about 16 feet wide. Four color, six color, eight color, and even 12-color printers are readily available.

The goal of the FLAAR network of web sites is to cover all of the topics below. However, to be realistic, it has taken us the first three years to cover basic signs and posters. We now have a good CAD printer to test (HP DesignJet 1055) and gradually we will expand to cover all the topics listed here.

Please excuse us if a few of these topics are not yet linked. In some cases they are covered on other sites within our network. In other cases we will increase coverage just as soon as the next international trade show in that area takes place. Even when coverage is only minimal, overall the information contained in the three large format sites within the FLAAR network is the largest mass of such material on the Internet, more than even the well funded commercial sites.

Fabric, printing on textiles, T-shirts as well as both proofing fabric designs as well as simply using fabrics instead of paper because it folds and travels better, and can be wrapped and shaped more easily than most paper.


Most recently updated August 02, 2001.